Three children. Alone on the ocean waves, after a fierce storm throws their parents from the Pamela Jane into the icy waters below. Maya, Simon and Penny now face a wild rescue adventure that will lead them to a truly magical place . . . 

Imagine an island with green mountains looming over pink sandy beaches and tide pools lit by the moon. An island with the darkest of secrets, where pirates lurk and jaguars roam—and a precious stone holds a power that is both wondrous and terrifying. This is where the children must go. No one from the Outside has escaped the island before. Danger is everywhere. But they can't turn back now. Could you?

The first in a magical trilogy about the mysterious island of Tamarind. Narnia meets Neverland for a new generation!

“Aguiar's exciting debut novel is a cross between Peter Pan and Lost...Developed with seeming ease, each new character advances the plot logically and fluidly. The storytelling, intricate as it is, builds to a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. All signs point to a sequel – one that readers won't want to miss.” ― Publishers Weekly, starred review

"Spunky kids, perilous pursuits and marine mystery make for a smashing good read.” ― Kirkus

"Tamarind itself, riven by war and great evil, is lush and exotic. But so is Aguiar's writing, which is full of lyrical twists and turns and a strong sense of narrative sweep." — Financial Times

“The book's magic…lies in Aguiar's precise, often lyrical descriptions. …. The Lost Island of Tamarind has a gentle spirit, tempering its dangers with warmth.” ― The New York Times Book Review


It's been four years since Maya, Simon, and Penny Nelson left the lost island of Tamarind. For Maya, the island is a nearly forgotten part of her childhood; for Penny, it's a secret place she can't remember, but longs to see; and for Simon, it's an adventure waiting to happen.

The children never thought they'd return to Tamarind, but when a long-lost friend tells them the island is in danger from the nefarious Red Coral Project, they know they must go back. On their arrival Tamarind is more mysterious than ever before. There's the vanishing village of the water where people – and their secrets – hide, miraculous creatures are everywhere, and where does the little blue door in the middle of nowhere lead to? It's up to Simon to put the clues together, discover more about their friend Helix's past, rescue his sisters, and defeat Red Coral before the magnificent island is put to ruin. As they venture deeper into Tamarind, the peril mounts – can the children save the island before it's lost forever?

Nadia Aguiar's sequel to The Lost Island of Tamarind crafts a vivid story full of adventure, magic, and haunting beauty.

"The rapid-fire plot bristles with danger. ... Like Simon, Maya and Penny, readers will find it hard to leave the magical world of Tamarind." — Kirkus

"This is a great adventure that sets the stage for a third book in the series.” — School Library Journal


For Penny, the beautiful island of Tamarind is no more than a half-remembered story from years ago. But one mysterious night, with only a loyal green parrot for company, Penny is flung headfirst into adventure on its magical shores...

She finds herself in unfamiliar Kana, in the midst of preparations for a magnificent competition – the Bloom Festival. But behind the excitement, something menacing lurks. The idyllic landscape of Tamarind is pocked with strange whorls, and an unnerving presence strikes fear into the hearts of Kana's bravest. From deepest water to darkest jungle, the trials of the Bloom Festival will test strength, courage, and friendships, and sacrifices will have to be made...

Can Penny and her new friends beat the odds and save Kana from ruin?

Aguiar's satisfying finale to her Tamarind trilogy ... works equally well as a standalone and a series conclusion (longtime fans will rejoice at Helix's return). With heartfelt emotion, an exotic setting, and a mix of wilderness survival and fantasy quest, this has something for everyone. — Booklist

Sensory descriptions of imaginary flora, fantastic fauna, and vivid landscapes plus an atmosphere charged with impending danger add to Tamarind’s allure.  ... This exciting, fast-paced, satisfying finale to the Tamarind trilogy does not disappoint. — Kirkus


Published by Feiwel & Friends in the US and Canada.

Published by Puffin in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, India and South Africa.